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Today! - Update - Part Deux

Update 2: I found the missing parts, they had been relocated to a box of steering linkage parts. I have everything off the car, and the new lines in place. I have tomorrow off as well, so I’ll get everything installed tomorrow. I’m hoping I can do a short test drive around the block once I get it buttoned you. Before any significant driving, I need to replace the 30 year old tires.

Update 1: Well, ignore this update since I actually have the parts. Oops.

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I hope to get the front done, at least. I have a couple of helpers today, so we’ll see if that speeds up or slows down the process.

It’s a stock style kit, the price was right, and the vendor gets wonderful reviews. I called and spoke with the owner before I ordered the kit.


I’ll need tires, and then I should at least be drivable. I need to make a determination on wheels and suspension, too.

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