If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Today was a bit tougher.

A fast guy couldn’t get his car ready on time so he missed yesterday but was here today. He had a set-up pad and what looked like an experienced mechanic so I’m happy that my best lap was only 1.7 seconds slower than his. I fought with another guy and probably should have beaten him, but we nearly hit a few times and got caught up with some F500 cars. His driving was really iffy so I decided to back off rather than risk crashing. I’ll be putting the on-board videos from both races on YouTube later this week (youtube.com/antispeed). With commentary, so you can understand what’s going through my mind as the race progresses.

Also shout-out to Honda for awarding me $650 for a 1st and 3rd!


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