Early this afternoon, I made my way over to Greensboro, NC, to go meet some fellow Opponauts. It was a good time.

So it was me, Justin Westbrook, his friend Favian (I hope I’m spelling your name right), m-b-w (Michael), a guy called Sean, and Sean’s friend Tucker.


Michael was there first, then we pulled in about 15 minutes later, Westbrook and Favian came a few minutes after us, and Sean and Tucker showed up later.

Justin Westbrook has a new 2015 Ford Focus, with the appearance package, in a really nice shade of gray. It was a metallic gray, and was a perfect mix of silver and black (I guess that makes gray.). Justin and Favian were pretty cool guys, and could easily crack a joke.

Favian had a ‘97 NA Miata, that was not mobile, and therefore couldn’t make the event, and had some modifications on it. He was saying how his father would actually let him do an LS swap, and how crazy that would be. Yeah, just mildly insane.

Michael has probably the best looking 2015 Subaru Outback I have seen yet. It has the wheels from a 2015 WRX, and the JDM Outback grille which should be standard issue in the U.S as well, and a custom leather interior, which was installed by whitetrashsteve.


Sean was also a cool guy. He had a 2004 Honda Accord V6 Coupe, with a manual transmission. I have always thought it was an underrated coupe, and we talked about how fast it actually is. Tucker, who is not really a car guy, actually goes to the same school as me. I did not know this, and was pretty happy to find out. So we obviously had to talk about the problems of the school.

The topic of conversation varied greatly. Anything from the E65 BMW 7-Series, to taking rented Jeep Grand Cherokee’s to Uwharrie, schools, the legality of marijuana, the problems with our job, black water (I still don’t get that one), the garage chase scene from Tomorrow Never Dies, many other things.


The other guys enjoyed the Audi that we brought along, as I explained all of the things that do not work on the car. For example, one of the doors does not open. Why? I don’t really know.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early, as the other guys were going to Five Guys. I really like Five Guys. I really wanted Five Guys. I did not get Five Guys. Oh well.


We’ll have to do another Oppo meet at some point soon, because it would be a lot of fun. I’d like to thank Michael (m-b-w) for setting all this up, one again, and Justin, Favian, Sean, and Tucker for all showing up, you’re all great guys.

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