Not only an awesome day for car spotting, it was an awesome day to hit some back roads with all the windows down. There is something so fulfilling about slow driving down an unpacked sand road, it gave me my snow drift fix while being nearly 60 degrees out. The best part about South Carolina not giving a care in the world towards fixing their roads, is that a ton of them are unpaved.

(Not today of course)

Now to the car spotting:

-I found an i8 for sale at a local used car dealer, which I found odd.

-I saw someone driving a Cayman GT4, the first that I’ve seen.

-I found Porsche Drive, which is an actual road in Lexington county, because there is a German car specialist on the road. There is also what appears to be through the fence, a German car graveyard, which I want to see more of. If I get off early soon, I will try to check it out.

Also, the red BiTurbo I posted a while back is haunting me. I see it many times a week, and I want it. Luckily I can’t afford it.