A few days ago I wrote about a broken car I bought from a colleague. I gave her what the dealer would have given her for her Golf Plus. We agreed that I would come to collect it today. And since my sisters boyfriend has been looking for a Mazda 6 for some weeks now, I checked if there was something interesting where my colleague lives. I found a nice one in the same city that we wanted to check out.

Upon arrival at my colleagues place, the first thing I saw is that the Golf Plus was actually a CrossGolf, which is a bit nicer. It also has new tires, and a set of new winter tires. The car is also in almost perfect shape inside and out. My mood was set.

After getting the Golf, we went our merry way to check out the Mazda. It seemed nice on the photos, and it was in real life too! It had a few dings, but nothing terrible, and that paint is just gorgeous. Upon inspection, I noticed the Bose sound system with subwoofer, and the oem pet net in the rear. It would be perfect for me. I am kinda jealous.

When we arrived home, my sister was there and joker that she would take the Golf (she really likes it) her boyfriend would take her CR-V (he can’t afford it) and I could take the Mazda. I AM OKAY WITH THAT!