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Today was a good day

So I didn’t race at the autocross today. I borrowed a Snell helmet that would prob get through tech but my current tires would definitely not pass as they are nearly bald. I didn’t even bother registering as the tire deal was delayed so the tires I was going to run weren’t available in time. However that being said I had lots of fun taking photos and talking with people. So, the local auto cross is a combined Cars and Coffee and an Autocross. No coffee truck today so not many people showed up for the Cars and Coffee but we had plenty of runners for the racing.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay through it all and didn’t get photos of all the cars. Ill do better next time, plus running a car myself. I will be uploading some of the best photos later. Also I have another post coming solely dedicated to by far the best car there.


While there I saw a car I want.

$2000, 144k miles, manual. I think it would be great fun and I’m looking to replace the Solara with something fun, reliable, and above all more fuel efficient. Im spending $300 a month in fuel just to commute back and forth to work.

After Auto-cross I and my brother took the kayaks out on a local creek. It was flooded so it looks like a small river.


I took many, many photos today, of everything. Upload speeds at the house are dismal though so I’m not sure how I’m gonna upload these all lol. Then in the evening I bought 4 Goodyear all seasons, very, very lightly used for $100.

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