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...I had to go to a teaching conference. I was not terribly excited for it, but I WAS excited because I was going to my first pick-and-pull yard immediately afterward and knew I was hanging out with some friends I haven’t seen in ages after that, plus, lots of driving! :)

Also, I had to pass the shipping port/container terminal/roll on-roll off vehicle parking lots meaning I saw lots of awesome metal! An AMG Mercedes GT in it’s brand new factory wrapping...two brand new BMW i8s in that distinctive lime green/yellow color, 2 BMW i3s (I’m not huge into hybrids, but I like things that are unique and cars like those listed already are rare enough here!) The piece de la resistance, however, was the COMPLETELY unwrapped (except for the window holes in the wrapping to move it around), brand new Alfa Romeo 4C! My first modern Alfa that I’ve ever seen in person! I recognized the shape I thought on the way, and kept an eye out for it on the way back, was definitely a 4C - even the wrapping had a massive Alfa logo on the right side! Very odd as no Alfa dealerships in the province at all, and only one FIAT dealership, so unless it was special ordered through there, maybe it is getting shipped elsewhere?


More to come on my salvage yard adventure tomorrow!

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