So I took the time on Friday to take apart the throttle body and cleaned it off. No photos of that, but it’s super shine now. I also removed the old, busted rubber boot on the alternator and put on a new one. The old one was chewed to hell because of rodents.

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Today, I got to work on getting the Seafoam treatment done on Killer Queen. Since I’m running full synthetic oil, I don’t really need to use the additive in the crankcase. Instead, it’ll be for the engine intake and the gas tank.

So I put them in, and went for a nice long drive around King and Snohomish County, with Stew’s Self Service Garage as my first stop to scout the place out. Went onto Highway 2 westbound from Monroe to Everett. Much of the westbound road was good.


And I got to pass like...20 cars all at once via the left lane. That felt great.

My car has noticeably improved in terms of smoothness, which is also awesome. I’d say Seafoam is worth the time, as part of a maintenance regimen - what some people don’t realize is that Seafoam is not a silver bullet for any car woes.


I also checked my ECM’s loaded VIN on a whim using DashCommand, and found the VIN that belonged to Killer Queen’s donor. Nice.

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