Today was a medium-bad car day

With convertible seasons about to pass us, I thought it was about damn time we got the convertibles out! The Alfa has been waylaid as I put it back together and the Bumblebee (cabriolet) has been... well it just hasn’t been.

With the Alfa back in one piece I pull both out of the garage, gave them a quick wash, and prepared to send them.

This, however, did not go great.

As I ran errands today, the Alfa did fine... initially. The first sign of trouble was actually at my first turn. The turn signals were out! My best bet is a bad relay, but I wouldn’t discount a bad ground either. I pull the relay and well...


... it sort of came apart.

Interesting to see an IC in there though!

Driving without turn signals is surprisingly difficult. In fact, I got in a bit of an incident because of it. As I was moving into the turning lane at a light (at the first legal opportunity) me and an Explorer that I’d passed earlier, now going approximately the speed of sound, almost had a coming together. He’d decided to ignore the lane lines and get in the turn lane while it was still a media. Of course I checked before moving over, saw him, and laid on the horn, like you do. After the light turned and we’d both made the left, he decided to stop dead in the right lane, wait for me to pass, and then shout at me to use my turn sigals.

Bitch look at my car. Do you think my signals work!?

Also: what kind of asshole (A) gets upset about that in a state where sometimes I’m the ONLY person using my turn signals and (B) stops in traffic to yell at someone because they got honked?


Assholes. That’s who.

So that “fun” under my belt, it was time for the Alfa to come over all Italian. After a bit of an Italian tune up, it started bucking and heaving as I was pulling away from a stop. This was particularly embarrassing as there were pedestrians around, but moreover I was concerned I wasn’t going to clear the intersection.


By being very careful with the throttle and clutch, I made it to the parking lot of a CVS where the problem was obvious: the crossover pipe that connects the MAF to the intake plenum had come loose. Has happened before, not a big deal.


The rest of my errands went fine, but I went ahead and took a way home that didn’t involve any turns and kept my lane changes to a minimum.

I think the Alfa deserves a country drive before the weather turns sour tomorrow evening.


As long as I don’t have to like... turn or anything.

Doggo for your time.

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