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Today was a very big day, lots of vehicular turnover but now I own 2 not-new cars!!

Rainy as ever today, gotta love Florida
Rainy as ever today, gotta love Florida
Photo: Me

My parents called me out to record my reaction as the E38 rolled off the truck, I was under the impression that it was going to come a lot later than now so that was really cool. I also made the money I paid for it right back in the form of selling my Accord to my dad’s friend who needed a car. Sad to see it go but they’re like brothers so I know I’m going to see it again. I blew the speakers a while back so he bought new ones that I helped him put in today, and afterwards I let that E38 rip around my neighborhood as a celebratory drive. I’m super stoked to have such a beast of a car, and on top of that, now that my dad drives less (for sad reasons nonetheless, but he told me not to let that ruin the moment :/ ) the CR-V is now mine. My fleet now consists of a 2013 CR-V AWD as my daily and a 1997 BMW 740i as the project/fun car and I couldn’t be happier. Last year around this time I was a pathetic sad sack of a human, a lot can happen in a year folks. Keep your head up and keep working towards your goals and it’ll all come true and be worth it.


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