Today was fun.

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Work done:

-New lower control arm bushings (Powerflex). The old ones were already torn and completely separated with a gentle tug. We actually had to burn the remainder of one off the control arm.


-New front sway bar bushings (Powerflex). They were only $20 and the sway bar had to come out anyway, so why not?

-New upper strut top mounts (Ireland Engineering Fixed Camber Plates). Old units were beginning to separate. New ones were only slightly more than OEM and use better rubber, better bearings, reinforced top plates, and are offset to give the Mini some much-needed negative camber in the front.


-New upper engine mount (Way Motor Works in-house aftermarket unit). Old mount was literally doing nothing but rattling inside its own housing.

-Cabin air filter (OEM). A/C no longer whines like a second supercharger!

-Replacement coolant overflow tank. Old one was leaking.


It was an...interesting 9 hours. Drives like a whole new car now, though. :-)

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