Took the mini to it’s first “track day” today. Quotation marks around track day because it was only paced laps at/around highway speeds but still fast enough to have fun and abuse some tires.

There was a decent assortment of cars there, ranging from a 500 abarth to an f-type, you share of mustangs and camaros, I’d estimate there were at least 20 cars there.


We did two sessions total for about an hour of track time total, we would of gone a third time but ran out of daylight, but I definitely got my $99 worth.

I, being the first to arrive (a whole 1 minute early) got to have a spot right behind the pace car so I was probably a bit ballsier than most of the other people there right off the bat because hey, if the guy in front of me can take that corner in a toyota corolla at 70 mph than I should be able to as well.

This is just an unedited raw video from the second session, the fastest lap starts at 11:42.

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