Had an absolute blast at the Nashville oppo meetup, and I haven’t posted in literally 3 years on here (although I am much more active on the Oppositetalk facebook page), so I figured now is good of a time as ever to post. The turnout was incredible, if its this good at the dragon meet I think we’re gonna die of too much fun, or something lol. The Peugeot somehow managed to survive the thrashing I gave her, even with a little bit of coolant spraying everywhere once she got a bit too toasty. Here’s some pics I got from today.

gang gang

dat candid

always gotta slav squat on the Peuguette


I don’t care what anyone says, RWBs are hot



rally spec

this thing was incredible


so was this

I want a TVR in my life


this trophy truck had a passenger seat mounted single cam KA24 with ITBs making ~290hp. Incredible.

mad tyte jdm, yo



more France


even more France (I need one of these so badly)

topping the speedo out trying to keep up with y’all (kinja hates portrait photos apparently)


She didn’t enjoy getting that hot and spewed some white liquid all around the engine bay, which is always good, right?

Yet, at the end of the day, the Peuguette didn’t care that I thrashed her, and she made it back home with no issues. You can’t kill a diesel 505.


Finally a shameless plug for the Peugeot’s insta, please follow the adventures!