Last week was my and my wife’s fourth anniversary, so today we sent our son to his grandma’s house with the intention of having a date day. That did not happen, because this happened instead.

While we were out, we went to this place Pinnacle Deals in Warwick...they sell returned and open box merchandise. We bought our TV there a while back, my wife has bought purses there, it’s a good place. Today they were having a parking lot sale; we went there looking for a dog house, we left with a Lamborghini for our son.

Well worth it, because he is in love with the thing. Oh, it’s also remote controlled, so while he’s not yet big enough to drive it he’s totally big enough to ride in it. It’s got an MP3 input, turn signals, fold in side’s legitimately impressive.


Also, there was a cardboard box next to it in that first picture. What was that anyway?


Oh hey look at that, a tan Yeti Tundra 35. I wasn’t planning on buying a Yeti cooler today (or ever really, they’re crazy expensive), but this one was so cheap I couldn’t just leave it there...I basically got a Yeti for the price of the Walmart equivalent, which I’ve heard is also a fantastic cooler. It’s basically new, they said it was scuffed but I can’t find anything. So now I’ve got a Yeti full of bottled water and ice in the back of the Cruiser. I’ll have to work out a hold down system, but it’s weight and rubber feet do a pretty good job on their own.