That means for the next couple months I’ll be on here a lot more (lonely “whoopee” in the distance...pre recorded) and whooooo today was a hell of a day. We did whatever we wanted and things happened in locker rooms and it was crazy as all hell. I’ll miss the people there, I’m moving again (ugh) and will have to start over again. I hate that a lot. But I’m trying to divert myself from reality as do many other teens due to ignorance, but I’m doing it to escape the pain that is my life...more on that in The Cigar Lounge. But anyways, I got to escape it and not care at all and then stuff happened.... Oh well. It made me realize how good other teens have it when they live like that. Alas, I can only live like that for a short while until reality kicks back in. But other than that in the back of my mind, today was a really good day on so many levels.