Today was too much money...

Today I spent far too much money, rather unexpectedly. Last time I ordered a part (the used GA3 rail for the RHD DC5 Recaro) I didn't pay until I picked it up. Today I ordered a new rail (vs the old one) and a used set of Tanabe lowering springs—I had to pay up front for both. And the difference in rail cost was huge, used $40... New $215 from Recaro. OUCH!

This is on top of the $300 I spent for the LHP Recaro and $10 I spent on some of that haze cleaning stuff for the headlights. More about that in a bit. So, I picked up the LHP seat, and it was absolutely filthy. I mean it had pitchblack areas. But, I knew how to clean it, since I cleaned the other one. And while the darker areas seem to still show up in the picture, that's because they're still wet. When it dries it should be pretty clean.


So, I didn't expect a whole lot of a $10 "headlight cleaning system." But I thought why the hell not, and holy shit does this stuff work! Before:

Left finished, right not done for comparison:


Both done:


The right is still a bit yellower than the left, but I did it an extra time and it didn't change, so...

And then as I was working on this post, my fucking MacBook power adaptor wire snapped. This is the second one that has done this, too. I ordered another one off of Amazon and got prime expedited shipping on it so it shows up tomorrow. But that was money I did not intend to spend.


Once I put in the LHP Recaro and get the lowering springs put on, that's it for at least two months, I think. Probably ate heavily in my other leisure activities funding, too. My budget is tapped.

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