Today you stay home, Kia.

Stock photo of the Kia, thinking about calling it a turbo boi... for as stupid as it sounds.

As per the Environmental Commission for the Megalopolis’ law, called “Hoy no circula” or “Today it’s not driven” states, the car must stay home because it has not been smog checked.

The plates are (unsurprisingly) late, meaning that it must remain wearing the shameful “Permiso temporal” you see stuck to the top right hand corner of the windshield.


Since it has no plates it cannot be smog checked, since it cannot be smog checked, it cannot be driven from 5AM until 11AM mon-thu, it cannot go out on Friday from 5AM until 10PM, and it cannot go out on Saturdays.

which means its the Jeep’s turn to waft my ass to college at 6:20AM.

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