Today like any other Sunday my father and I took our 1999 BMW 318ti autocrossing to have some good fun and spend even better time together. Upon arrival I was jokingly told by one of the more experienced guys that it was my duty to let my dad win on fathers day, I laughed and said he'll have to do his part too. To be fair he did pretty well for himself, he managed a 58.435 which was good for 11th of 48 in PAX, one of his best results ever. However, I finally discovered that smooth and slow is actually very very fast. After coning on all three of my morning runs making my best run a 60.388 I decided to try smooth driving for once instead of balls out tire smoking glory (believe it or not you can smoke the tires very well with the 318ti's 138 HP 4 banger) and by god did it pay off, my first run was a 57.872. My next run was even better but I clipped a cone so that ruined it and my third run I really screwed up and took out a line of 3 cones. But then, on my last run of the day I managed to really put it all together and ran a 56.960, a faster raw time than all other Street category cars, save a 2013 Z4 3.5is and a 2012 EVO MR, I was half a second ahead of last years overall PAX winner in his WRX. This was good enough to put into 4th place in PAX behind some really damn good guys who Ive never even dreamed of coming close to. I don't think I'm actually that good as this is only somewhere between my 10th and 15th autocross ever but it showed me that smooth really is fast. Video evidence is below, and please ignore my little girl scream at the end, I didn't think getting into the 56s was possible for me