My father’s truck won’t pass inspection anymore, so I’m on my own to plow my driveway this winter. Really, he could have taken it off the road years ago, and to be truthful, it didn’t pass inspection last year either... we just drove it only during snowstorms, figuring no local cop would pull over a plow truck during a storm. It was registered at least.


Anyway so I really don’t like having other people plow my driveway. It’s dirt, and inevitably commercial guys just aren’t very careful. They’ll dig it all up when we get an early season storm before the frost is really set, and they won’t clean it up the way I really like. It’s also kind of expensive; in a big snow year it could easily clear $1,000 in fees. On the other hand it’s just not my problem, it gets done without me lifting a finger. And if their truck breaks, also not my problem.

BUT WAIT! I could just buy a cheap plow truck, not register it, and use it only for plowing my driveway this winter. Then sell it next year. Or whatever, keep it if it works well.

I mean, look at this (asking) $2000 beauty!


The tires look decent, body isn’t falling off, it’s got the 351 / 5.8 liter V8 that I know very well, and a decent-looking Fisher plow. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, right. Everything that’s gone wrong with my father’s 1997 F250 in the past 5 years, which is... a lot. Ugh, but it’s easy to work on! Kind of! The cab and the bed mostly line up, which probably means the mounts aren’t totally rotten. He says the plow “works as it should,” too!


Please talk me out of this.

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