With a long weekend, I decided to take a day trip today. My original plan was to head to Virginia Beach, but the weather forecast called for thunderstorms, so instead I decided to go to Williamsburg, which is significantly closer, to check out some breweries there and maybe buy a new pair of driving shoes.

There are three craft breweries in Williamsburg: The Virginia Beer Company, Brass Cannon Brewing Company, and Alewerks Brewing Company. (There’s also an Anheuser-Busch plant next to Busch Gardens, but I didn’t go to either place.) I started off at VBC, getting there right as they opened at noon.

beer list. Year round on the left, limited runs on the right.

I started off with a flight of the year-round brews. Left to right: Saving Daylight (citrus wheat), Free Verse (IPA), Elbow Patches (oatmeal stout), Wrenish Rye (amber ale).


After feeling ready to drink some more, I ordered two more tasters, Deadbolt (double IPA) and Green’s View (New England style wild yeast IPA). I then played Guess The Beer here on Oppo with them for the next hour or so.

The Green’s View literally finished brewing when I was at the brewery. Freshest beer I’ve ever had.
Upcoming battle of the beers. I should go to this.


When I was good to drive, I went to the outlet mall and got some new driving shoes. I’ll review them another time. I drove around a bit looking for the other two breweries, which are in close proximity. Brass Cannon was closed for relocation, so that left Alewerks. While VBC had a wider-open, more warehouse feel to it, Alewerks was much smaller and pub-like. I tried one, the Drake Tail IPA, and a pretzel with cheese dip for lunch.

I liked it enough to buy a 6-pack.


The sky looked ominous most of the day, but there was only a brief shower. I’m sure if I’d gone to the beach it would have been a washout. Returned home in time for dinner. Car-wise, I didn’t see much, aside from a 996 and something with only three wheels.

Obligatory car photo