Today's bigly house of bigliness, Vol. 2

Welcome, friends, to another installment of the life of a male escort. Such a life takes me to many homes. Bigly homes, to be precise.

Here’s a photo dump with annotations:

3 car garage and a huge driveway! Oh, and a house.
This is probably only 50% of the entire kitchen.
No one will hear you choke on the filet mignon from the other side of the island.
The span of this fridge is about 8 feet.
Some of you guys like WOLF. Well who doesn’t?
The kitchen in the guest suite is the size of my own about .
Also to note: guest suite has it’s own carefully hiddely side entrance. Perfect for deadbeat relatives or renting out to subsidize your monstrous mortgage payment.
This looks expensive.
Lots of controls for... activities n_n

There was much more, but I did eventually have to get back to work.

Upstairs also had what I can only call a “party suite,” with an enclosed wet bar and two addition bedrooms accessible only past the bar, one shared bath and one private. And then the master suite and a few bedrooms, two living rooms, I don’t know.


Work commentary:

Last time I worked in a home like this (which was of course a few days ago, and arguably daily overall) for this builder, the homebuyer had zero children. At this price range and area, there are often less than three children, anecdotally speaking. Maybe it’s just for resale value purposes, but the amount of excessive money in Seattle-metro area is pretty astounding at times.

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