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Today's Craigslist buy: 10k mile old 4runner wheels for my 2g taco.

I can’t roll on winter tires all summer long. So, I went for the newer wheels with a brand new set of OEM rubber. I’m sorry but I got my tax bill and can no longer afford the KO2's. The offset isn’t exact but in reality, they’ll only be a half inch further out. The total concession here of mounting other than Tacoma wheels and 265 tires, is that my sidewall is 70 instead of 65 and therefore my under-calibrated speedometer will finally show correct. Otherwise, they’re perfect. We’ll see how they look tomorrow when I put them on. Overall, I scored nice fresh wheels and tires that will get my 98% pavement lifestyle where it needs to go for the next 3 years, all for much less than buying them separately.

As a reference, found this pic on Tacomaworld. They’re off the ‘trail edition’ 4Runner, so they dont have those bk painted trims in between the ‘spokes’lac


Same truck, just silver. I’ll put pics up tomorrow.

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