Today's edition of: old man yells at clouds

From the “How to steal from a Canadian insurance adjuster claims guy“ FP post:

I feel okay screenshotting this post, because I’m sure this is a very popular opinion. Perhaps even the majority. And maybe I’m just so out of touch [Skinner.gif] that I can’t appreciate modern conveniences that have been around nearly a decade.


But to me it’s like... Was it *really* an inconvenience when you have to take something out of your pocket, and press a raised button? Or — dare I say — insert a jagged piece of metal into a keyhole in order to facilitate access in a contraption that covers fast distances via the internal combustion engine?

I reads like a 90's Jerry Seinfeld bit.

“And then — you can’t open the door BECAUSEEEE... you have to reach into your pocket... Which one, who knows... Then when finally find it, you THEN have to figure out which button to push... Nnnnn tounlockyourcarrr. What’s up with that?!?!”

Gee it sucks that it’s easier to steal my car, but it’s worth it if I don’t have to buy clothes with pockets!

Thanks for reading 🙃

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