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Today's Episode of "You Spent HOW Much?"

I was browsing /mca on my local Craigslist, as is my custom, and I came across the following:

It’s a steal at only $35,500! Just let that sink in for a second. You could toss in a couple extra G’s and get yourself a brand-new Focus RS... or you could buy this, um, motorcycle. Its only apparently purpose is to park as hard as possible. The ad states that it has 180mm wide tires on both ends, so any turning that you manage to do is going to be an adventure.

Unfortunately, motorcycles show pieces like this are fairly common in my area. You see them in their natural habitat, for sale on Craigslist after the owner wakes up from their fever dream of spending $50K+ on a motorcycle just to make it less useful, quite frequently. Not very often do you see them on the road, however. Or even parked in a lot somewhere. My best guess is that these things get rolled out once or twice a year to some strange event where everyone just stands around awkwardly and the phrase “she’s shure real purty” is uttered far more frequently than is normal.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I just can’t get my mind around spending that kind of money and getting this in return:

Wait a minute, I know that face... Crow, is that you!?

Here’s the ad if you’d like to peruse it in all its glory:


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