I have a case that since its inception has been a pile of shit pursued by a state agency trying to justify its budget and existence. It’s final stages have dragged on for months, and the dumb thing needs to just settle and be done. Today we have a settlement conference with an administrative law judge.

The state wants about $9500 from my client. We offered $4500, and they are refusing to make a counter offer, mainly because the state attorney is butthurt that I show him no respect. The guy is a little weasel, and I have been under his skin for years. My associate has been handling the case, but she is having a baby today so I have to cover it.


The reality is that, at this point, the facts don’t matter. We are $5000 apart which is close enough that we should just get it done just as a matter of practical economics. This guy wants to put on a hearing that will cost the state tens of thousands of dollars just to prove that he is a tough guy. It is very stupid.