Today's gospel from Particularly Religious Coworker

Hey folks, guess what time it is? That's right, it's time for another installment of Particularly Religious Coworker, wherein my office manager/admin lady goes a little overboard with expressing her love for the lord (and savior, who works in mysterious ways.)

As you may recall, a while back I noticed that PRC had stuck a flyer up on the copy room wall talking about how YOU ARE SO BLESSED that I thought was a little...much. It's totally fine to have your beliefs but it's not quite so appropriate to be talking about blessed this, lord that when we're a non-religious tech school and we've got both current and prospective students walking around all the time.


So the poster came down, and a conversation was had with PRC where she was told that all the church-y comments need to be toned down. Which they were, for a while, but PRC just loves the lord so much she can't help herself.

I'm generally friendly with PRC, and I'm happy to chit-chat with her about inconsequential stuff. But today in a random conversation about situations when folks have needed to go on unemployment, she mentioned that she had gotten divorced many years ago, her ex-husband was very wealthy, but she told the dude she didn't want any of his money and she'd support herself just fine. I joked, "wow, he got off easy!"

Her response was something like (I'm not quoting verbatim here), "You know my beliefs, I'm just so blessed and the lord takes care of me every day so I'm very fortunate that the lord takes care of me each and every day."


Luckily the phone rang just as she said that so I took a swig of my coffee, said, "uh that's good," and headed back to my office.

A couple hours later, I went up to the front desk to look out at the roads and see how much snow was sticking, and she answered the phone with someone who was talking about some kind of financial situation. She then said something like, "hang in there, the lord moves mountains, that's his way!"


I have no idea who she was talking to and what their beliefs are, but if that's a student talking about their financial aid, come on lady, you can't do that stuff.

Stay tuned for next time, when Particularly Religious Coworker will probably knit something with a bunch of crucifixes on it and display it in a prominent location around the school.

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