Today's luck isn't the best

I woke up this afternoon to two messages on my phone from people calling in sick to work tonight. My thought processes just told me to head in to work a little early to make sure that the rest of us would be good to go for the night before the day shift left.

On the way in, this happened:


Of course I had to be in the left lane of I-35 at the time and couldn’t deal with it right away. It started with the notification and 20psi and dropped about 2psi per mile until I could find a spot to pull off and deal with it.

Thankfully after bending two wheels in Houston a few months back, I no longer carry the stupid factory air pump and sealer kit, but a full size spare and a jack kit. Maybe I went overboard, but my emergency kit even includes a cordless impact. If the spare wheel was bronze instead of black I wouldn’t even worry about it for a while...

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