The search for a beater plow truck led me down a different road today. What if I could get a bada** work truck that could also haul everything I ever need to haul including my kids, dogs, bikes, boat, several yards of gravel, AND a kitchen sink?


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Oh, you have a big bad F-250? 350? Super Duty? That’s cute. WEAK SAUCE!

2010 Ford F550


Never mind that I’d need two parking spaces and I’d have the approximate turning radius of a small apartment building, this thing is awesome. Keep the dump body because shoveling gravel out the back of a truck is for suckers. Come to think of it, unloading groceries by hand is for suckers, too. Hit the button, dump ‘em out on the ground, done.

Plus I had a work truck once with that V10 and I loved it. I suppose it would work a little harder to move this beast compared to the bare-bones single cab radio-only manual-everything F350 we had, but still.


Compared to the price of a new Suburban, or any truck for that matter, this is a smokin’ deal by comparison. It’s like the price of a 13-year old Tacoma. Can you put a 10' plow on your Tacoma?! I DIDN’T THINK SO

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