I’m noticing that some 2013-15 GS 350s are pushing down towards 25 grand once they breach 50-100k miles, with or without AWD.


For whatever reason, I like these pre-facelist GSs. Especially love the amber lenses on the rear (long live amber!). It’s not overly styled, and it doesn’t look like a futuristic cheese grater upfront, which is kind of what the current GS-F makes me think of.

My brother’s previous job — not tooooo dissimilar from what I’m doing now — gave him a vehicle allowance (used a commuter and also for work), and he used it to buy an 2011 IS350 AWD. So I’ve thought about what I would do if I had a job with a similar perk. I think I’d go with an 2011 E91, 2013 GS 350, or maybe an IS-F. Keeping the miles off the Sportly and the longbed, you know.

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