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Brakes for my Vespa. As part of my newfound commitment to doing my own work on the Vespa, I am going to change the brake pads. But certain steps must be taken.


1. Acquire brake pads.

2. Acquire whatever sort of jack/ stand combination appropriate to safely work on a scooter. I honestly don’t know what is used for this. On line, I see people with 2 jackstands and the bike on a board between them, which I would like to avoid that. 2 wheel Oppos, what to you use to lift and stand your bikes for wrenching? The Vespa weighs only about 230 pounds.


(I will need this again later to access the inaccessible sparkplug which is inaccessible because Italian scooter).

3. Conquer brake pads and take a victory ride as I bask in the crushing of my enemies and the lamentations of their women.


Sorry, I was out past my bedtime last night

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