Today's Project That Doesn't Involve Sheep: *UPDATED*

Mrs. BoostAddict usually does most of the direct sheep care, but a couple weeks ago she broke her foot falling off a ladder while helping me erect our barn... so I’ve been on 100% farm labor duty (not just technical/mechanical/construction services) for for the last while. It’s been very tiring.

At least the our Blue Faced Leicester ram Freddy is super friendly and makes me feel better...



Today I am taking some time off for a personal project...

Logitech G29 Wheel/Pedals/Shifter + ‘05 WRX driver’s seat (thanks Local Scrap Yard for selling it so cheap!) + various wood and fasteners.

This seat is so nice and clean! I almost feel bad not using it in a car...
The current mounting “solution” is... less than optimal.

Should be fun!

(disclaimer: I am NOT a carpenter, and this is NOT fine furniture!)

update below! (Presented in fancy new Kinja slide-show format)

sheep break! we do rotational grazing and they needed their pastures redone this afternoon..

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