So there's a ton of people throwing clips up left and right hoping their clip gets noticed and they get credit. I think the QOTD is a great question. I've seen some awesome submissions and some not-so-awesome submissions. Really guys. We can come up with 10 that aren't part of the Fast & Furious franchise.

Blues Brothers - Chicago Car Chase

Back to the Future- Take your pick my choice would be from the first movie getting back to the present with the lightning bolt.

James Bond- So many to choose from, but the bridge jump is a good choice. The car to submarine Lotus would be my second choice.

Smokey and the Bandit- The list is long, but I'll go with the cop car getting the roof ripped off going under the semi truck.

Tommy Boy- BEES!

RUSH- The massive accident that nearly killed Lauda.

Senna- The crash that killed Senna

Thelma and Louise- Driving off the cliff

Ferri Bueler's day off- The car reversing out of the house and down the cliff.

Days of Thunder- Not sure what scene to pick but there has to be something.

That's 11 and none of them are F&F