What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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While yesterday was certainly more expensive in ordering a new trailer, today I spent money on the racecar by ordering the various vinyl bits to be stuck to my fresh paint. This breaks down as a quality clear tape for the taillights (I’ve done the old school clear packing tape before, and removing the adhesive after the thin plastic degrades after a year or so is no fun), some white vinyl to “tape” the headlights, parking lights and side markers, the required sanctioning decals, decals marking tow hooks and the transponder location, minimum weight markings, numbers and class letters and I splurged for my name and an flag for over the driver’s door.


Big ticket items still left to buy:

A new seat/ new seat cover and a head and neck restraint device.

Big things left to do:

New outer tie rods and front wheel bearings, to be followed by a trip up to my suspension guy to realign it and setup the corner weights again.


Find a suitable track day or rent out the local track for an hour or two to shake down the car.

Talk to the division licensing chairman and see what he’ll make me do to get a competition license again.


Smaller things:


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