Rode around the NJ pine barrens with a new to me group today. A few more showed up after the photo. My F800ST, my friend’s Aprilia Tuono then the other guys I just met today were on 2 Yamaha XRS900's, an FZ9, FZ7, FZ6r, BMW S1000r, BMW GS and an older Gixxer. Good group, pretty laid back ride. Hoping this group wants to do some more, but they all live at least 40 mins north from me though. I don’t have any local friends that ride as the ones I used to ride with don’t anymore. Riding solo I do enjoy, but it’s nice getting together with a group of like minded riders that have some fun but don’t over do it. They also know how to ride in a group setting. And I never felt unhinged riding around a single one of them. Most of the time there’s always one or two riding aggressively, doing wheelies and riding out of sync.