Today's stop: 4-level townhomes with rooftops, plus unsolicited details about my job/career/whatever

I’m putting out construction content again! While I can.

These guys build exclusively townhomes in desirable parts of Seattle (Ballard, Fremont, etc.). Easily one of my favorite accounts as well. No piss in the tubs. No crooked walls, no deviation from specs or floor plans. Affordable — by this market’s standards. In fact, they kept these as two bedrooms in order to keep the prices down. There is a large flex room with no closet that a buyer could modify, if they wanted.


The operation is run by three “good old boys.” The owner of the company is on site regularly, not on a yacht somewhere. They initially were a difficult account because the last guy who had them (who was also fired) screwed the pooch, and I was left to pick up the pieces.

Unfortunately, this could be my last time working with them for a while. My company is so backlogged, we are telling people we can’t do male stripping or chandelier hanging for *** 3 months *** which is a painful, PAINFUL, turnaround when our clients are trying to get homes on the market and sold. I’m very frustrated with the situation and how I wish I could post more details about it. But I’m walking the company line and just rolling with it.

So anyway... floor plans were as follows:

Ground level: 1-car garage w/ some storage

Level 2: coat closet, storage, bedroom, full bath, flex room

Level 3: Kitchen and living room, open floor plan

Level 4: master suite: Covered deck, bathroom, walk-in closet, large bedroom.

Rooftop: nice view tho


I would never live in a townhome because, among other reasons, I have the knee of a 60-year old man. But I don’t hate them like I used to. At least you get a place to park a car!

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