Today's thing now rarely seen

Although I think I’ve seen it before.

Fiesta Mk1. Bonus BMW 640d.


So, what can we deduce?

It’s a Mk1 so 1976 to 1983. It’s got the original thin bumpers so pre 1981.

No 1.1 badge at the back so it’s probably the 957cc model. No L badging so the base model.

It has a reversing light which was not universal so not the most basic model or somebody ticked the box for it. Also, rear wiper.

Two rear fog lights - one was standard - so somebody has fitted a second one.

Two child seats so it’s being used as a daily driver at least some of the time, though it’s hard to insure a car of this age for daily use.


No hubcaps which was a thing at the time. No big fancy plastic ones then.

Not visible, but present: manual everything. Windows, locks, steering, choke (young ones won’t know what that was), door mirrors are all DIY. Also, four gears which you were dealing with yourself without the option and no rear doors. Only three main bearings because cheaper and less friction.

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