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Today's thing rarely seen

This fine product of IFA, from the days of the Glorious Socialist Workers’ Paradise when the proletariat were supplied by the State with housing, transport and work and one could therefore use the products of the vehicle conglomerate to travel to where one could produce the kind of stuff the socialist worker and his paradise might need.

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It’s an MZ ETZ from the later period when a fancy disc brake was fitted. Note the single cylinder two stroke engine (cheaper to make, none of your decadent and expensive valves and their associated gear) and less expectedly shaft drive, to ensure that the proletariat were more likely to be able to get to work. Kick starting obvs because the proletariat have no need of fancy electrics. Sadly we’ve got a branch inconveniently hiding the badge on the side panel but they’re typically 250cc and about 20 bhp on a good day.

They go for about €1,500 if you’re interested.

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