Time for the daily wagon post, where you guess what it is while I write down some more info about the car. It's probably not that difficult today, which is why I want the complete name with the model code.


As duurtlang answered, todays car is a Toyota Carina TA40. The RWD TA40 was produced between 1977 and 1981 and sold in Europe and Japan. It was also available as a two and four-door sedan. This is the facelifted version which has the same front as what was called the Celica Camry in some other markets.

This particular car from 1980 is for sale for 4400$. The mileage seems to be unknown, but it's a Toyota. It will run for a long time if you keep the rust away. The good thing is that the previous owner got rid of the rust, but I'm not sure if I like all the stickers in the rear windows.


This one's got a newer 5-speed gearbox and a 1,6l four-cylinder that produces 78 hp. For such a light little car that is plenty, and you should be able to keep up with today's traffic.

Yesterday sounbwoy answered correctly the Hillman Avenger, and was promoted as an author as a reward! Congrats!