Today's work happenings: Added services

For those that don’t know what I do from previous posts, I repair and recondition textiles and plastics, primarily in automotive interiors. It’s something I got in to while working in the companies other division, paint correction and touch up. I had a background as an automotive painter before that.

When I went on my own in 2003 I decided to do only do interiors. I enjoyed it more and it can be less physically demanding while also not exposing you to solvents etc. as the interior stuff is water based. Recently one of my long time customers asked me to do some paint stuff along with my regular services as the paint guy was in the hospital. So I told the paint guy in the hospital (we used to work together) if he parked his van there I’d keep up as much as possible for him with his stuff. I didn’t have the stuff in my van and wasn’t interested in buying it. When he came back to work the manager asked me to keep doing it, and because I did it there for a while I realized the other guy wasn’t able to get caught up, let alone stay caught up if he could get caught up (I wouldn’t be able to either). I decided I don’t hate doing it in a small capacity so I said yes. The fact is they move so many cars there it’d take 5 days a week to be caught up, but in the industry you can’t devote your entire week to one dealership...and they understand that.

So today I documented a car that required most of what I offer and was bad enough that it’d show up in a photo. The car has been through the detail shop, so I only have to concentrate on what they can’t do...which is quite a bit in this instance. 2012 Impreza with 93k, still needed some scrubbing, steering wheel was coated in make up etc., front seats and right rear seat required dye work, front bumper had been resprayed and was peppered in rock chips (repaints can chip easier for various reasons) so touch that up along with the rest of the car, some paint correction on the hood and around the door handles and spray the side view mirrors satin black as one was resprayed and peeling.


top left is just a half cleaned seat, no dye work yet.


armrest just scrubbed, no dye work...steering wheel as well.

Curious, what would you pay for this Oppo?

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