TOIF: The I'm glad this f*cking week is over (almost)

ADT alarm wakes me up at ~1:45am last Friday & this past Monday. Slept poorly.

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Went for a follow up with my sleep medicine doctor and his staff forgot I was in the waiting room. After 55 minutes, I had to leave for another appointment (and eat lunch), then they were ready to see me. Haven’t been able to reschedule yet.

Went to a meeting and two guys started arguing over stupid stuff. Got up and left.


Needed one of those guys to work with a field service tech, but he’s still having a hissy fit over his argument.

I couldn’t get my motorcycle to start at all this week and I fear that I may have flooded the engine because I forgot to move the petcock off of the prime setting (d’oh!). I’m lucky if I can get it to backfire.


When you are so willing to be ‘grounded to the ground’ complete with Camry Dent, you’ve had a bad week.


Still have 2 meetings today left today. These should be fun, right?

And after all that, I can’t stop thinking about ‘pigeon mayo’.

At least tomorrow I can sleep for as long as I want.

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