Unfortunately, one too many microaggressions over the past 20 days came to ahead yesterday. Mt. Vesuvius erupted and it turns out I wasn’t the only one. Just another episode of “Bad Luck Happening to Good People at Work”. Luckily, mine was isolated and I apologized profusely this morning.

So I’m sooooo glad it’s Friday, but I’m not sure yet if I’ve completely back to ‘normal’ self — I’m still angry to be honest. So before I hit you with sarcastic humor and other shitpost items, let’s talk about a car. Well actually a truck based on a car platform, the Honda Ridgeline.


I can’t believe that I’m just now noticing that the 2nd gen truck looks like an Odyssey with the roof lopped off the back to create a truck bed. Which is... it’s just weird. It’s not ugly by no means. Just weird.

And FFS Honda, would you just integrate the damn side mirror cameras more cleanly in future!?

Now that I’m done ranting, it’s time to post shit

My crazy work reminded me of this gem from Home Movies:

Oh an since I quoted one of the most famous lines in film history, it would only be right to post the speech completely:

...still rings true.


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