Toiletlopnik 2: A third day of cursing.

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After my prior events, I called the professional. If Leon’ from the awesome movie the professional could be a plumber, he came over to put my toilet on like a boss. Well, he found out what’s really going on after he removed the toilet from my last attempt. I am a total pro at toilet installation. The sewer main was backing up. He brought out his biggest weapon, a 75 foot long 3/8" sewer snake.


“No joy in this mudhole.” he said.

I got a reference for the sewer main pros. They should be over after their lunch. They have a big boy 95 foot snake with awesome bits including jetting heads and cameras and all the awesome. If a sewer snake could be sexy, they have the sexiest sewer snake.


The rest of the equipment works fine in the house. We probably have a merge point where that stuff works fine with but the downstairs bathroom and washer are on the other half and these guys with their big thick snake would be able to find out whats up.

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