(Photos: Speedhunters.com/Sean Klingelhoeffer)

Nakai-san and Speedhunters are hosting a meetup. From the RWB FB page:

"We are going to have RWB car meeting in Roppongi Japan.


RWB car meeting in Roppongi 2014 (RWB CMR)
Date: 2014 January 9th
Car meeting start: 4:00pm~8:00pm
Place: Roppongi big parking lot Next to Hardrock cafe
3minute from Roppongi intersection
It is free entry.

RWB party 2014
Date: 2014 January 9th
Party start: 8:00pm~12:00am
Place: Hardrock cafe"

I'm in town 'til the 12th and I'm staying in Roppongi, so I certainly plan to make it — I'm wondering if there are any other Jalops who might be in town!

Here's the report from last year: http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/01/rwb-to…

Anyway, I'm the guy in the middle. I'll be milling around and sticking out like a big, dumb American. Say hi!

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