Considering it takes place during the end of Fast 6, which was released in late May 2013, it would have probably take place between early April and early June 2013, given Vin Diesel’s cameo at the end. During that time:

-The 3rd gen Viper convertible had depreciated enough that some rich high school kid could easily get one as a birthday present.
-Most people in Japan still use flip phones.
-Everybody was/is ruining S-chassis cars learning how to drift.
-Most amateur drifters/high school students who are into cars can’t afford the newest cars, but could probably spring for a clapped out old Monte Carlo, early RX-8, S-chassis car, early 350z, etc.
-Crazy engine swaps (2JZ or RB into everything) had really taken off, so it’s not improbable that a bunch of friends interested in cars with (what appears to be) no truly formal training could put an RB26 in a 67 Mustang.
-livestreaming via phone was also a thing by then, so the way people covered the final battle on their phones was entirely plausible.

What says Oppo? Did the timeline placement make it either the most realistic or the second most realistic film in the series?