The United States' highway system has been showing signs of deteriorating for a long time. The numbers of bridges and roadways the need repairs is astronomical. The main source of funds to repair these is an 18.4 cent per gallon tax on gas, and it has not been increased since 1993 (gas was about $1.16 per gallon then). One possible solution is to allow tolls to be collected on the interstate system. This would help to pay for the repairs since the revenue from the tax is inadequate and as cars gain more fuel efficiency, the funds are expected to continue to decline. A few major companies are lobbying against this for their best interests. (McDonalds, FedEx, etc.)

We can all agree we need the roadways in the US to be fixed, but is this the solution to paying for these repairs?

Source: Agreement on Interstate Repair Needs, but Not on How to Pay for Them