My Seattle vacation is just about over, and things have fallen together such that I’m going to take a look at this on my way home from Logan Airport tomorrow morning.

If I can agree on a price with the seller, I’ll need to do some creative accounting to make it work. Basically, I’ll definitely have to sell my Yukon (good news) and possibly have to part out my red Miata (bad news), but that doesn’t bother me because as you can see, the vehicle I’d acquire is AN ISUZU GOD DAMN VEHICROSS.


So I’d give up the shitty Yukon and a shitty Miata, but I’d have what might amount to my 2-car budget dream garage in the Vehicross and ‘93 Miata. Even if the Vehicross needs a transmission, which I can source locally, it’s a really good price. Also, it’s a Vehicross, so I want it quite badly.

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