Tomorrow by 5:00 P.M., we should be going home. Last two rounds of antibiotics today and tomorrow. His platelet count is perfect and there are no more abnormally immature white blood cells. He is eating well, digesting well, sleeping well, and regulating his body temperature without the heater.

We have a follow-up appointment with his pediatrician on Friday so she can meet him and look him over for the first time, and then next week will be the appointment with the dermatologists in Louisville because of these:

They don’t really suspect it is anything bad, I think. Just need to have it checked out just in case. The only one that is raised is the little round one on the left. The others are smooth and feel like normal birthmarks. My wife and I both have a fair amount of moles, so I figure he just inherited that.


Today, they’re also listening for his heart murmur. He’s had a minor-ish one the last few days which they said is normal for newborns as the two small ventricle openings in their hearts close up. Some close up within hours and some take days. Doctors didn’t seem concerned about it.

I’m so excited to get him the hell out of this NICU! Shit’s depressing. And he has to meet his four-legged big sister. I have the car seat all set up in my dad car and ready to go.