Any EMTs or paramedics out there? You work in a fascinating industry. People work insane hours, resulting in low hourly wages but high gross earnings. The industry is in crisis as safety continues to compel reductions in hours, and workers are increasingly desperate to maintain income. For smaller ambulance companies, especially those in lower income areas, the economics are very difficult.

Tomorrow I have collectible bargaining negotiations with the union representing my client’s paramedics and EMTs. It has been a very interesting negotiation. Most of these are very hostile (first contract), but this one has been very reasonable. It’s a rural community, and the workers and union seem to feel a powerful responsibility as first responders. They want the best they can get, but I can’t fault them. At the table they have been passionate but willing to listen. This is the dynamic you need for a successful collective bargaining relationship, and I am confident this is going to be a good contract.

Colelective bargaining is fascinating. Much better than litigation. I don’t get to do it enough. Being a labor lawyer is fun sometimes.