Have an Ek9 for a reminder of my inspiration. Tomorrow my mechanic will tackle the door innards, and he’ll check out anything that he thinks is a problem. Also he will give me full run of the shop for anything I want to do (except spray painting, he’s concerned about traveling mist). So here’s what I’m planning to do:

  • Pull out DC5 ITR Recaros, hatch false floor, and various trim pieces for deep cleaning
  • Spot clean and vacuum EP3 carpet
  • Clean and oil dash and the DC2 ITR steering wheel
  • Strip off the fraying fake “carbon fiber” from the center console (I will paint it later the same gun metal gray as the 2001 TS Instrument Cluster)
  • Clean out and reorganise the glove compartment
  • Deep clean the engine bay and underside of the hood
  • De-badge the entire car (for cleaning and for replacement)
  • Clean the wheels
  • De-yellow/cloud the headlights (permanently sanding it and redoing the clear coat requires spray can, so later)
  • Deep clean all the way around the exterior of the car, clay bar, and retouch various chipped spots with touch up paint
  • Explore potential polishing options on bad fender, if they work, do so for the passenger side rear door maybe (but it might require spray can clear coat, so maybe not)
  • Try to put a new handle on the the passenger side rear door (maybe my mechanic can do this, since he’ll be dealing with doors already)
  • Wax the car. Probably multiple times.

There’s a lot of other actual body work to be done, and I’ll try to sand or buff what I can, but since I won’t be able to apply clear coat, it might not be the best idea to do it tomorrow. I also still need to order my new windshield, so that’s not going to be done tomorrow. The number one priority honestly is to make the car look nice enough to not attract cops. I’m attracting cops, and it’s not because of the sporty styling, after all, that’s almost all OEM options! It’s the body damage, the biggest issue of which was the door, so with a nice clean, it shouldn’t attract any more attention, except for perhaps the windshield, and I’ll get that done asap. I think Saturday, I will install the new fender, and it has no dents and perfect paint, so that just leaves the rear door and rear quarter panel with their clear coat scratches...


I’m also thinking of painting my rocker cover red or black, just to make the engine bay look less pathetic, and thinking of making the front lip black... Everything is just too silver. Also, the wheels, maybe gunmetal, lots of clear coat, and red Hs.

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