The TA needs to go get aligned and balanced, since it has a fairly awful vibration between 55-65 mph and pulls right. I’ve also gotta call all of the apartments I’ve found and set up visits for Thursday.

I drove over to Illinois today to borrow my grandpa’s trailer for the move, and was reminded just how gutless the Triton 5.4 is. On a positive note, I did see this sweet Marauder though.

I also went shopping and bought some shirts and another pair of shoes. I now have many pairs of shoes.


Those white laces are gonna have to go, need some brown or dark blue replacements. I’ve been looking for a modern sofa for the apartment, but haven’t had much luck outside of Ikea, which I’m not too sure about. If anyone has any suggestions I’m open to them.

(and if you want to chuckle/feel insulted by expensive pretty things I can’t afford, go check out